Multizyme Phytase


•Xylanase 640,000 U
•B-Glucanase 75,000 U
•Alpha-Amylase 12,000 U
•Protease 12,800 U
•6-Phytase 5,000 U

Features & Advantages

•Multizyme Phytase is a unique feed enzyme blend (carbohydrases , Protease , and phytase) which digest nutrients that would be otherwise escaped digestion

•Releasing more energy with some amino acids and phosphorus from the diets

•Optimizing performance and uniformity among birds

•Same or better growth , FCR and egg production with less feed or less cost

•Decreasing the amount of vegetable oil and/or increasing the amount of low cost fibrous ingredients (as DDGS & whaet bran ) in the poultry diets

•Dried litter & cleaner birds and eggs


•250 Gm/ton feed (broilers)
•500 Gm/ton feed (layers , breeders)


Xvet marketing GmbH, Germany