Mos Guard


•Pure yeast extract (saccharomyces cerevisiae: Glucan 30% , Mannan 23%)——- 1200000 Mg

•Mos ( Mannan oligosaccharides ) —- 24000 Mg

•Propionic acid —— 50000 Mg

•Citric acid ——— 50000 Mg

•Phosphoric acid ———– 14000 Mg

•Formic acid ——————- 5000 Mg

•Diatomaceous earth —— 277000 Mg

•Carrier : bentonites up to ——— 1 Kg

Features & Advantages

•Contains highly concentrated source of organic binder (1,3 and 1,6 B glucan) which tightly bind less polar mycotoxins (ochratoxins , trichotheceness, and zeralenol)

•Contains inorganic binders based on bentonites, with more adsorption sites, which are specific for decontamination of afla- and ochratoxins

•Contains diatomaceous earth , (fossilized microscopic, hard-shelled algae called diatoms) , which is modified and activated to adsorb different types of mycotoxins

•Contains a mix of organic and inorganic acids ( propionic , citric, formic, and phosphorie acids) which prevent mould growth and degrade mycotoxins

•Contains a concentrated source of mannan aligo-saccharides which os a potent immunostimulant

•Has no adverse effect on minerals vitamins and amino acid

•Improve body weight gain and feed conversion ratio


•250 Gm/ton feed (broilers)
•500 Gm/ton feed (layers , breeders)


Xvet marketing GmbH, Germany