Grow K. Pro Bio


per kg:
•Loctobadllus addophilus 5*10 CFU
•Bac. Licheniformis 2*10 CFU
•Bac. Subtilis 2*10 CFU
•Enterococcus faecium 1*10 CFU
•Formic acid 9000 Mg
•Citric Acid 2000 Mg
•Orthophosphoric acid 3000 Mg
•Lactic acid 3000 Mg

Features & Advantages

•Grow K. PROBIO: Contains a blend of four probiotic bacterial strains that are carefully selected to support the gut eco system of poultry reared under commercial conditions

•Grow K. PROBIO: effective in controlling the growth of harmful bacteria (E.coli, Salmnella and clostridia)

•Grow K. PROBIO: contains a synergistic mix of organic and inorganic acid that resulted in acidification of the feed and gut, and decrease mycotoxins absorption to the blood

•Grow K. PROBIO: contains some mycotoxins deactivating micro-organisms that secret specific enzymes (esterase & epioxidase) in the digestive tract to destroy mycotoxins

•Grow K. PROBIO: improves animal performance and enhances nutrients digestion and utilization.


0.3 Kg / ton feed

Target Species

Poultry, livestock and aquaculture


Xvet, Germany