Antiox Guard Pro

Antiox Guard Pro


per kg:
•BHT ————- 100 g
•Citric acid (99.9%) — 25 g
•Wheat semolina bran — 200 g
•Calcium carbonate – up to 1 Kg

Features & Advantages

•Antiox: contains a powerful synthetic antioxidant (BHT) that capture free radicals & also contains citric acid which sequesters the oxidation factors (cu-fe) and prevent initiation of the oxidation reaction
•Antiox: stops the autocatalytic chain reaction by converting peroxy radicals to hydroperoxides via donating hydrogen atom
•Antiox: prevent lipid auto-oxidation and vitamin losses in feel materials , premixes , concentrates and compound feed
•Antiox: prolongs taste and freshness of the feed
• Antiox: Maintains immunity and prevent vaccination failure.


1 Kg / ton feed
•Packaging : 25 Kg bags
•Shelf life: 2 years
•Storage: store below 20 C


Xvet, Germany