Mineral Amino Care


.Methionine 14.5 mg
.Lysine 4424 mg
.Glycine 3047 mg
.Threonine 2870 mg
.Tryptophan 1200 mg
.Lodine (Potassium iodate) 2100 mg
.Manganese (Manganese chloride) 30 mg
.potassium (potassium sorbate) 1820 mg
.Sodium (sodium chloride) 2100 mg
.Copper (copper chloride) 10 mg
.carrier: Distilled water up to 1 L

Beneficial Effects

1-Cover part the bird requirements from minerals and amino acids
2-Important for healthy bones
3-Required for normal protein synthesis
4-Essential for acid base balance
5-Stimulates growth and feed intake
6-Improves the feed conversion ratio
7-Increases egg production& egg weight
8-Boosts the bird immune system


Poultry & turkey:
0.5ml-1 ml per 1L of drinking water


X-vet, Germany