Kokonil Extra


• Inactive saccharomyces cerevislae Extract

• 13% M.O.S and 12% B-Glucans 25,000 Mg

• Copper as copper ll-sulphate pentahydrate 3,000 Mg

• Lactic acid 50,000 Mg

• Ortho-Phosporus-S 30,000 Mg

• Formic acid 350,000 Mg

• Citric acid 20,000 Mg

• Vitamin C 6,500 Mg

• Vitamin B6 3,500 Mg

• Ca-Pantothenate 3,500 Mg

• Vitamin B1 1,800 Mg

• Distilled water q.s.p 1 Litre

Features & Advantages

• Kokonil Extra contains a highly balanced formula of yeast extracts , organic acids , vitamins and minerals

• The yeast extract contains ( modified glucomannans) and (detoxifying enzymes) the modified glucomannans (mannan oligosaccharides and B glucans) have the ability to adsorb some mycotoxins (Aflatoxin , Ochratoxin and Citrini) within 30 minutes of feeding and safely eliminate them. While, the detoxifying enzymes have the ability to detoxifying enzymes have the ability to detoxify other mycotoxins ( Deoxynivalenol and Zeralenone)

• The organic acids of this product are highly effective in changing the intestinal pH toward the acidic side and therefore delay mycotoxins absorption from the intestine and inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria

• Coppersulfate act as mould inhibitor and also increases feed digestion and absorption through reduction of the intestinal mucosa turnover rate, and improving the villus architecture

• Vitamin C decreases heat stress and stimulate the immune response

• Glucomannans enhances the non specific immunity through their prebiotic properties

• Pantothenic acid enhances carcass nutritional value


0.5 mL per 1 Lt. of drinking water

Target Species

Broilers, Layers, Turkeys and Ducks