Cheil Phytase 5000


•Each 1 gm contains Phytase 5000 U

Features & Advantages

•Cheil Phytase 5000 : is a feed enzyme special developed for poultry diets to increase the digestibility of phytate-bound phosphorus (by -35) , and other dietary nutrients.

•Cheil Phytase 5000 : is Characterized by broader PH adaptability , and higher stability against heat .

•Cheil Phytase 5000: reduces the need for inorganic phosphorus supplementation (saves about 5.5 Kg dicalcium phosphates or 4.25 Kg monocalcium phosphate)


Directions for use 0.1 Kg/ ton feed
For proper distribution , the dose should be thor-oughly mixed in a bigger amount of feed ingredient (e.g. premix ) before mixing in the whole feed.


Cheil Bio, South Korea