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Kenana Group is an Egyptian group of fast growing companies founded by Dr Sayed El Badawy at 1994.

About Us

We are highly specialized in the field of animal nutrition and veterinary medicines. Our company activities are Importing, Exporting , Production & Distribution of high quality animal health care products such as:

Veterinary Medications

Feed additives to enhance the quality of animal feed and nutrition

Feed Raw materials

Also we are manufacturer of Soya Bean Meal which is one of the most important vegetable proteins used in poultry feed because it contains most of the amino acids needed by poultry.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with high quality animal health care products to promote animal well- being and sustainable productivity at an affordable and attractive price.

Our Vision

To be one of the global leading manufacturing and marketing companies in the field of animal health care products to meet global market demands and Export our products all over the world especially to fulfill the demand of the Arabian and African market with our high quality products.